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    Eva Pearson has a long standing history of dedication to community service and education. After serving five years active duty in the United States Air Force during the first Gulf War, she attained her Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in Psychology. She is decorated with several military service medals, received multiple undergraduate academic awards, and was a top graduate of her master’s program. Eva’s professional experience spans several fields, including psychological research at the New York University Child Study Center, behavioral therapy at the Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center, health care management at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital, and educational administration at Long Island University. Presently, Eva works in academia, where she creates non-profit internship opportunities for undergraduate students and social justice related events for the greater community. Eva was also an Adjunct Instructor in the fields of both Psychology and Education for nearly ten years. In her personal life, Eva’s volunteer activities include the Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless, and more locally at several civic and non-profit organizations. Eva is currently pursuing her PhD in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Buffalo (SUNY). Most importantly, she is the proud mother of two young sons who continually inspire and motivate her to create positive change. Eva is a prior Nassau County legislative candidate and currently lives in Farmingdale.

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    Latest news

    • Mar, 15

      IDA Update: Blocked by the Nassau County Republican Legislature

      On January 16, 2018, I had the pleasure of being nominated to the Nassau County Industrial Development Agency by County Executive Curran.  However, the Republican majority of the Nassau County Legislature has refused to approve my appointment.  I heard a rumor that they felt I campaigned too aggressively in 2017, and are not supportive of […]

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      Jan, 21

      Runs Like A Girl.

      Dear Donald Trump, I really must thank you. After losing my 2011 election for Nassau County legislator by 106 votes (less than 1%), and being subsequently gerrymandered into an unwinnable, legislative Republican district, I swore I’d never run for political office again. But then, there you were, victorious on Election Night 2016, and I was […]

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    • Oct, 19

      Me Too.

      This past week, a social media thunderclap emerged from the following suggestion from actress Alyssa Milano: “If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a reply to this tweet.”  According to ABC News, as of October 19, 2017, “1.4 million and counting tweets included the hashtag, along with more than 13 million […]

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      Oct, 2

      “Thoughts and Prayers”

      In December 2012, I sat at my desk on the upper west side of Manhattan and received a news alert of kindergartners and first graders being killed in their school.  As with most all parents that day, I immediately thought of my sons, one of whom was in Kindergarten, the other of whom was in […]

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    • Sep, 25


      Many of my friends and colleagues have recently engaged in a religious ceremony that includes reflection of the previous year.  While I am not of that religion, I could not help but to be a bit reflective of my own activities of the past year.   I’ve been involved in local politics since 2011 when […]

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      Sep, 4

      Let’s Go to Work. Labor Day, 2017.

      A thirteen year old Italian girl crosses the Atlantic with her mother and older sister, Annamaria. They are on a ship, the “SS Rex” – the last one out of Italy before Mussolini closed the port.  They are escaping the Nazis and headed to a place called “America” for a new life.  She doesn’t speak […]

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    • Aug, 6

      How does one answer that?

      I was speaking to a man at a street fair today, as a candidate, and he asked me if I had ever experienced discrimination as a female. First sir, I give you credit for asking. I’m a fan of addressing the un-pretty that exists, and I applaud you for directly addressing a question that most […]

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      Jul, 13

      Door Knocking: The Political Workout

        Today marks the close of what we in the political world call “petitioning.”  According to New York State law, all candidates must collect a specific number of signatures from voters registered in specific political parties in order to be represented on the ballot. For example, I’m running for Town of Oyster Bay council as […]

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    • May, 14

      Motherhood & Politics

      Mother’s Day, 2017 When you become a mother to one, you become a mother to all. I believe I first heard that quote from a woman wiser than me; perhaps Toni Morrison or Maya Angelou.  Yet today, when I searched online for the author of origin, I found none.  In a time when original thoughts and […]

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      Apr, 29

      Town of Oyster Bay Democrats Announce Their Slate

      “The Town of Oyster Bay has been mired in corruption for decades,” Pearson said. “I am focused and committed to restoring ethics to our town – your town. I am seeking the opportunity to work for you, not the special interests and politically connected.” Read The Full Announcement Article Here

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